Best Value Guarantee

MidUSA Best Value Guarantee

The MidUSA Best Value Guarantee is our pledge to our members that we will provide you the area’s best financial value from the area’s most trusted financial institution.

We guarantee it!

Simply put, this means that at MidUSA, you’ll receive the best local loan rates*, best checking account value**, and some of the best everyday savings and certificate rates in town – and we guarantee it in writing!

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*If, within 30 days of a loan approval at MidUSA CU, a member brings in written documentation from a competing local financial institution that shows the member was approved for a better loan rate on a similar loan request to the one approved by MidUSA CU, MidUSA CU will match the loan rate with the same loan terms and conditions of the competing local institution. If the member was approved for a loan with MidUSA CU and MidUSA CU decides not to match the rate of the competing local financial institution but the member chooses to close the loan at MidUSA CU anyway, MidUSA Credit Union will deposit $50 into the member’s MidUSA CU account of choice once the loan with MidUSA CU is closed with the original terms. If the member does not close the loan with MidUSA CU, the $50 is not paid. Member must show written documentation of the loan approval and the lower approved loan rate from a competing local financial institution; advertisements will not be accepted. Excludes internet offers, member business loans, overdraft line of credit, credit cards, dealer, captive, indirect lending, and subsidized financing and first mortgage loans. Non-standard loan approvals for members with credit scores less than 620 may not be eligible.

**Figures based on a comparison of the checking account fees and charges incurred at select local financial institutions compared to current MidUSA CU fees and charges.