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MidUSA CU offers an array of convenience services to the membership. To jump to a particular section, click on a link below:

Direct Deposit

The Direct Deposit service allows your employer to electronically deposit your paycheck into your MidUSA CU Checking or Savings Account. With Direct Deposit, you won’t have to make a special trip to the credit union on payday – your check will be deposited automatically!

Ask your employer if they offer Direct Deposit to MidUSA Credit Union. If they do not currently provide this service, ask them to fill out a simple employer signup sheet to get set up.

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Payroll Deduction

You may authorize money to be taken from your paycheck and applied toward your MidUSA Credit Union share and loan accounts through the Payroll Deduction service. You can automatically make savings deposits and loan payments to take care of these routine transactions! Contact a MidUSA associate at 800-633-8905.

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MidUSA Credit Union Debit MasterCard® 

The MidUSA CU MasterCard® Check Card, also known as a “MidUSA CU Debit Card” or the “MidUSA CU Check Card,” allows you to access funds directly from your MidUSA CU Checking Account. MidUSA’s CU Debit MasterCard® has combined your checking account with the buying power of a MasterCard® through the convenience of an ATM card. You can pay expenses directly from your checking account without writing a check.  At ATMs, MidUSA CU is always “open” for you to check your account balances, make transfers or withdrawals – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Accepted wherever the MasterCard® symbol is displayed
  • ATM access
  • Online protection with MasterCard® Secure Code
  • Free with any MidUSA CU Checking Account*

*Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply. Contact a MidUSA CU Associate for details.

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MasterCard® Secure Code: Added Safety Online, Quick and Simple

MasterCard® Secure Code is a unique service that uses personal passwords to help protect MasterCard® card numbers against unauthorized use. Once you activate your card, no one else can use your MasterCard® card number at any participating online stores without your personal password. MasterCard® Secure Code is available only for select MasterCard® cards from participating financial institutions.

MasterCard® Secure Code provides an extra level of protection for online shopping. MasterCard® always protects its cardholders against unauthorized use, but MasterCard® Secure Code helps to prevent unauthorized use online before it can even happen.

Once your MasterCard® card is activated, your card number will be recognized whenever you purchase at participating online stores. You’ll enter your password in the MasterCard® Secure Code window, your identity will be verified, and the transaction will be completed. In stores that are not yet participating in MasterCard® Secure Code, your MasterCard® card will continue to work as usual. Your MasterCard® Secure Code password helps to ensure that only you can use your MasterCard® card number to buy online.

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Visa® Prepaid and Gift Cards

MidUSA CU offers Visa® Prepaid Debit Cards and Gift Cards.  For convenience, MidUSA CU allows members to reuse these cards by adding balances back to these cards.  Choose the appropriate link below to reload your card.

Debit Card

Gift Card

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you need a place to keep your valuable assets safe? MidUSA CU offers a variety of Safe Deposit Box sizes at the Towne Blvd., Crawford Street, Trenton and Kettering branch locations for a low annual fee. Safe Deposit Boxes are locked in vaults at each location to keep your valuables safe. Don’t take any chances with family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, or important papers – enjoy peace of mind with a MidUSA CU Safe Deposit Box today.

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