How To Become a Member

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We invite you to join MidUSA Credit Union!

If you are not currently a MidUSA CU member and would like to join one of the fastest-growing credit unions in Ohio,  fill out a membership application to bring with you to any MidUSA CU location where a representative will open your account(s). It only takes a minimum $5 deposit to open your account and start enjoying the benefits of membership. It’s easy to make the switch to a MidUSA checking account quickly.

Our Switch Kit contains a simple step-by-step outline to help you open your new account, close down your old ones, and begin enjoying all the benefits of MidUSA Credit Union checking. If you have any questions about MidUSA CU eligibility, products or services, please call or visit any MidUSA CU location and we’ll be happy to help you!

When you visit a MidUSA CU office to become a member, it is important that the credit union is able to verify your identity. Because MidUSA CU prides itself in earning the trust of each member, member privacy and security of information are paramount. The USA Patriot Act also requires financial institutions to confirm the identity of members in order to better protect our nation. Please bring the following items with you:

  • Unexpired driver’s license, passport or other state-issued identification card that bears a photograph
  • Proof of membership eligibility:
    • Residence in Butler, Warren, Montgomery or Miami Counties in Ohio:
      • Driver’s license or State ID indicating residence address
      • Utility bill from past 30 days indicating residence address
    • Work in Butler, Warren, Montgomery or Miami Counties in Ohio:
      • Recent pay stub from employer indicating employer address
      • Employee ID for employer indicating employer address
    • Attend School in Butler, Warren, Montgomery or Miami Counties in Ohio:
      • School ID indicating school address
      • Transcript or grade card indicating school address
    • Worship in Butler, Warren, Montgomery or Miami Counties in Ohio:
      • Bulletin sent to home address
      • Organization directory listing
    • Association with Select Employee Group:
      • Recent pay stub from employer
      • Employee ID

Thank you in advance for helping MidUSA Credit Union protect the identity of its members and to protect the Credit Union from fraudulent activity.