MidUSA History

Like many credit unions, ours is rooted in a spirit of people helping one another. In November 1934, 50 Armco Steel employees founded a credit union to help each other obtain low-interest loans in times of sickness, death, or emergency. Over the next 60 years, that small group continued to add members, enlist organizations, and grow in size and stability.

By 1990, the Armco Employees Credit Union had grown to encompass three office locations and over 70 Select Employee Groups eligible for membership. In 1994, the name changed from Armco Employees Credit Union to MidFirst Credit Union, Inc., to better represent our membership’s diversity.

MidFirst CU built its tradition of personal service and trust as a not-for-profit organization where members are also owners­­— with the right to vote for their Board of Directors. Earnings at MidFirst are returned to the membership in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and improved products and services.

MidFirst Plaza (Towne Boulevard branch) opened in May 1997 and was designed to serve as the Credit Union’s headquarters. The Plaza provides unique features that cater to the membership, including a FirstResource Member Library, a Community Room, and even a stream! Known as The Canal, this stream runs through the center of the facility and is reminiscent of the Erie Canal.

In response to a growing membership and increasing interest in membership from local people who would not have been eligible through a Select Employee Group, MidFirst Credit Union obtained what is called a community charter from the state of Ohio. These charters allowed MidFirst to serve anyone who lived, worked, worshiped, or attended school in Butler, Warren, or Montgomery County in Ohio.

In 2010 the name changed to MidUSA so that we could continue to reflect the proud history and tradition of serving our membership, as well as acknowledge our expanding membership base.

Today, we serve approximately 17,000 members who live, work, attend school, or worship in Butler, Warren, Montgomery and Miami Counties in Ohio, as well as the employees, families, and retirees of over 200 Select Employee Groups. MidUSA operates five branches in Middletown (2), Kettering, Trenton, and Vandalia, as well as eight ATMs in Middletown, Kettering, Trenton, Springboro and Vandalia.