Mobile Banking

Getting access to your MidUSA Credit Union accounts is now easier than ever! We have multiple options available to help you access MidUSA’s banking services from your mobile devices.

Mobile App

Enjoy complete access to almost every service and feature that’s within It’s Me 247 Online Banking. It’s easier than ever to take control of your finances without having to go out of your way. Take advantage of this FREE opportunity today.

MidUSA Credit Union
Price: Free
Mobile App

Exclusive Mobile App Features:

  • Mobile Check Deposit 
  • Card Controls: temporarily lock, report stolen, or set up activity alerts
  • Convenient Login Options- Face ID (excluding iPhone 8 or 8s), Pin, Voice, or Fingerprint (on capable devices)
For added security, remember to press the unlocked button to Sign Out before exiting the app.

If you feel like your account has been compromised, contact us immediately. You can also temporarily lock your credit or debit card through the mobile app or enter your password incorrectly three times within It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

Download MidUSA’s App Today!

Online Banking App- download on Apple's App StoreOnline Banking App- download on Google Play App Store

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Text Banking

Use texting to stay informed and in control of your accounts. Easily text anytime to see an account balance or to transfer funds. You can also set up eAlerts to automatically receive text messages regarding account balances, ACH transactions, or loans payments due.

Text Banking

It’s easy to get started with text banking; Enroll through the Mobile App or It’sMe247 Online Banking. After enrollment, you can text the following commands to IM247 (46247). 

Text Banking Commands

The following are the Text Banking command examples and their responses. You can also access a list of these commands via a link in online banking during the Text Banking enrollment process.

BALBalance for all eligible accounts
BAL {nick}Balance for up to three savings or checking accounts ({nick} is a custom 1-6 character nickname assigned within online banking to identify a specific membership)
BAL 000Balance for a specific account (000 represents the 3-digit account suffix specific to your account)
BAL {nick} 000Balance for a specific membership and account combination
TRANS MYCODE 100.00Executes the configured transfer with the specified amount (MYCODE is a 1-8 character code you make in online banking to identify specific preset transactions)
TRANS {nick} MYCODE 100.00Executes the configured transfer with the specified amount for the specific membership and account combination
STOPTurns off all text banking
STOP {nick}Turns off all text banking for a specific account
HELPProvides you with help for unenrollment

Be sure to leave a space between commands. 

Text Banking FAQ

eAlert information

NOTE: MidUSA Credit Union does not charge a fee for Text Banking. However, carrier message and data rates may apply. Please check with your wireless provider for information about carrier charges on your mobile phone account and service plan.

CU*Talk Phone Calls

Enjoy direct access to your MidUSA accounts with just one phone call! Our automated system will let you review account balances, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, check current interest rates and more.


CU*Talk is easy to use and guides you through with step by step instructions:

1. Using your touch tone phone, call: 1-800-238-1969 or 513-420-5855

2. Enter your member number then press the # key. Next, enter your PIN and press the # key.  

           a) First Time Users- Your PIN number will be the last four digits of your Social Security number. For security purposes, you will be prompted to change your pin.

3. From this point on, the CU*Talk procedure will vary depending on the transactions you wish to complete. CU*Talk will guide you through each step.

4. When you have finished your last transaction, simply hang up the phone.

See a full list of everything CU*Talk can do, including Main Menu Options, Common Suffixes, and Helpful Tips.

If you have questions about CU*Talk, please call us at 1-800-633-8905 during business hours. We will be glad to assist you.