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If you need some extra cash for holiday shopping, vacation time, unexpected emergencies, or whatever else comes up, skipping a payment on your loan for the month may be a great option for you.


  • Only 2 Skip-A-Pays are allowed per calendar year and 6 Skip-A-Pays over the life of the loan
  • Cannot Skip-A-Pay 2 months in a row; there must be at least 60 days between Skip-A-Pay requests
  • A processing fee of $40 per loan is due at time of the Skip-A-Pay request
  • Interest will continue to accrue
  • Automatic fund transfers, Automatic clearing house payments, and payroll transfers will NOT be affected if Skip-A-Pay is selected. These transfers of funds will need to be manually cancelled for the month of the skipped payment
  • A Skip-A-Pay on a closed-end loan will result in the loan being extended one month. A Skip-A-Pay for a Home Equity Line of Credit will not change the draw period or repayment terms. All other terms and conditions of the original loan agreement will remain the same
  • If your loan has GAP coverage, any skipped payments will not be covered in the event of a GAP claim


  • Loan must be open for a minimum of 180 days
  • Loan must be in good standing- cannot be delinquent or over the loan limit
  • Credit Cards, Overdraft Loans, First Mortgages and Member Business Loans are excluded from this offer

To Complete A Skip-A-Pay, You Can Either…

Online Banking Instructions:

    1. Log on to online banking
    2. Look for the SP image in the Regular Payment column next to your loan
    3. Click More Info or select the loan
    4. Once viewing your loan detail, click the Skip-A-Pay button
    5. If eligible for a skip-a-pay, you will be directed to the Skip-A-Pay screen
      • Please read the instructions and terms of MidUSA’s Skip-A-Pay program
      • Choose the eligible account to withdrawal the $40 Skip-A-Pay fee from
      • Agree to the terms of the Skip-A-Pay program prior to submitting
    6. Once you push submit, you will receive a confirmation message that informs you of your next payment due date and which account your Skip-A-Pay fee was deducted from.

If your loan is not eligible for a Skip-A-Pay, you will receive a message letting you know. Please call, email or visit your local branch, and we will take a look to see why you did not qualify and if we are able to process a Skip-A-Pay for you manually.

You're not elivible for skip payment. If you're having trouble making your payment, please contact your Loan Department.